The Bristol Wing is part of the YMCA – a local charity and social enterprise in Bristol and Bath (and part of the worldwide YMCA movement).

We are particularly passionate about working with young people who are having a tough time. So we aim to offer them not only a free safe place to stay for anything from a night to a few weeks, but also 1-2-1 support to help them take the next stage, be that longer term accommodation or some other form of help. We do this without taking any kind of Government support – so that we are truly accessible.

It is funded by The Bristol Wing, everyone who stays is making a small contribution to our work through their room rate. Therefore if you chose to stay with us not only are you getting a great experience but you are also helping someone else by giving them a chance of accessing the support they need.

Wow – now that really does make us different!

We provide 9 single bedrooms for young people who are homeless in Bristol and give them support and breathing space whilst they find longer term homes / solutions. We operate as a social enterprise where all the running costs of the hostel are met by 18 bedrooms of commercial accommodation (backpackers / groups etc).  It goes beyond just providing a safe space but also enables young people to be part of a wider community living alongside our tourists / backpackers and groups visiting Bristol.